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About Me

Working with software development since I was 15. I was always passionate about coding and computers.

Since then I have always loved learning new technologies and using them to see my creations come to life and, more than that, I just love to see my creations being used “in the wild”.

For the past few years I acted and the main Software Engineer for Dimension Data Brasil doing a lot of internal projects always using the latest platforms to deliver a great product for our clients.

Since 2009 I have been developing for iOS part time. My first project (Brasileirao 2009 Live) reached 2nd on the most bought application on the Brazilian app store within 4 days of launch. Since then I’ve developed some outside apps and some apps of my own.

Now I work mostly with iOS but I’ve always been a polyglot programmer so I still also code with Java, Javascript, bash and am now learning python.

You can see more about me in my LinkedIn profile.

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  • Hblegg

    Hi, Do you do any contract work for iOS? I am looking to develop some iPhone apps. Please contact me.
    Much success,
    John Legg

    • William Llucy

      Contact us for all your requirements for App Development call us +1.866.235.9128 or mailto: iphoneapps@softprodigy.com

  • Sandra Binns

    My husband and I just finished our iPhone app. We’d like to take one more step of review prior to submitting to Apple.

    We’d like to hire someone to review the app to see if there is anything obviously wrong or missing that we may have overlooked during our development that would stop Apple from accepting the App.

    We realize that it may be a subjective opinion and no one can guarantee – but what we are looking for is someone with experience who has “done it before” and already understands what Apple is looking for to make sure that we have done as thorough of a job as we can.

    Would you be able to do the review or know of someone who might be able to help us.

    • http://blog.codecropper.com/ Gustavo Ambrozio


      I would not have time to do it and don’t know anyone that would. But I would submit your app anyway. For any code error (like using a private API), the submission tool already checks for those errors so you don’t have to worry there. For all others the best thing is to submit and see what happens. The time it takes to get a response is now around a week and worse thing that can happen they’ll reject and say why, you fix, resubmit and they approve you. There’s no real penalty here other than a few more days but if you’re looking for someone to review your app you’ll have that penalty also.

  • Rebecca Kramer

    Cutapult is darling and fun. Have you made any more games or mobile apps?


    • http://blog.codecropper.com/ Gustavo Ambrozio

      Thanks Rebecca. I have not personally develop any more games. I did however worked as the lead dev for War Dragons, just released for iOS for the company I work for, Pocket Gems. Check it out, it’s amazing!